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 Lakota Curriculum

For the past two years our students here at Wakpala have had the highest achieving test scores. Here at Wakpala we expect excellence and our Lakota test scores prove that. Mrs. Smith went to the Lakota Language Summit in November in Rapid City; there she received two awards for Highest Achieving Middle School and Highest Achieving Elementary School. Also on December 1st she was recognized for her wonderful achievement from Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. 
 Students here at Smee are very excited to be learning their native language and culture.


Our students are using the computers with the Lakota fonts and they are doing very well. They really enjoy using the fonts on the computers. While utilizing the computers our students are making their own worksheets, in Lakota and testing their peers. This gives them a great opportunity to show each other what they have learned and also gives us as Lakota educators a good sense that they are learning their language.



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Terri Smith
Elementary/ High School Lakota Language Educator
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